Turkish New Testament in Cyrillic Script

turkish cyrillic ntIn the last few decades of the twentieth century there was a remarkable turning to God among a section of the Turkish speaking population of Bulgaria. It was started by some Bulgarian Pentecostal believers sharing the Gospel with Turkish speakers from a despised minority. Some found salvation and healing through Christ and began spreading the Word among their own people. Others came to Christ through dreams and visions. Christian workers went from Turkey and began to seek ways of giving this movement a more Biblical emphasis through Bible teaching and training.

They found that very few believers could read the Turkish New Testament because they had learned to read in the Bulgarian education system which uses a Cyrillic script. The Translation Trust helped by preparing a Turkish New Testament in the Bulgarian Cyrillic script. The first edition came out in 1992.
The present secretary of The Translation Trust moved to Bulgaria in 1994. He and his wife worked with others to give Bible teaching and training to believers using this New Testament. He gave one of these to the husband of a lady who was one of the pillars of the small local church. Her husband was sometimes drunken and abusive. He was a night watchman at a government compound and had to remain awake overnight. He read the New Testament right through and later became a believer. He now pastors the church.

The first and second editions of the Turkish Cyrillic New Testament are now out of print. A worker there asked us to help him pay for the reprint of 1500 copies. The response from our supporters was magnificent. They provided us with the funds to pay for the re-print of 750 copies.