Translation in the Nogai Language

p>nogai crowdThe Nogai are a Turkic-speaking people, living in the northern Caucasus region in South-western Russia and the Ural region in western Russia, as well as in the Crimea in southern Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Poland, and parts of Asia, especially Turkey.

There are just over 90,000 living in various regions of Russia including:

nogai genesis sm  - 38,000 in Dagestan

  - 21,000 in the Stavropol Krai

  - 15,000 in Karachay-Cherkessia

  - 3,500 in Chechnya

There are 11,000 in Romania and 500 in Bulgaria. Their total population may be 128,000. We   co-operated with the Institute for Bible Translation to produce the New Testament in Cyrillic script for this people group.

Nogai Genesis

Our partners in the Institute for Bible Translation had the book of Genesis published in the Nogai language in 2016 after we had financed the translation. The book cover of this completed work of translation is on the left.