Another Study Bible

bk city waterfrontAfter the launch of the Turkish Study Bible in 2010 The Translation Trust made contact with a local Bible Society in a Turkic nation where a modern Bible had just been published. They were very interested in producing the notes and helps of the Turkish Study Bible in their language to produce a Study Bible. The church in that country operates under difficult restrictions and so to protect the project we are unable to post precise information on this website. The Translation Trust committed itself to fund this project and work with a team of translators and editors within the country to see this great project completed.

Believers are eagerly awaiting The Explained Bible, as it will be called. man w-bible 400x300 rcThere is no concordance or Bible Dictionary available in that language so it will fill a great need in a country where there is great interest in Biblical truth. Our secretary and a linguistics and exegetical expert met with one of the translators in Istanbul in April 2014 and finalized the text of the notes and helps. When the layout is ready and government permission is granted the negotiations will begin to get a good price for the printing of the Bibles. We are still looking for partners who will work with us to see this vital project completed.


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UPDATE: This project was completed in May 2016 and the Study Bibles reached their destination in August 2016. We are grateful to our supporters for making it possible to fund our share of the work.